Choose the car that best car that best suits your needs

At Ten Car Rental we offer a wide range of categories that can fit perfectly with your car rental needs, it is important to know the number of people that will be traveling with you, as well as to calculate the size of your luggage in order to find the car that best suits your needs. Call us toll free from Mexico, the USA and Canada and one of our executives will help you make the best decision!

Look out for our promotions

At Ten Car Rental we have special promotions throughout the year. We´d like to invite you to visit our website or to contact our call center, where we´ll be more than happy to provide you with the information regarding our current promotions during your trip. This way, you´ll be able to save more money and use it on your vacation or business trip.

Rent a car and save!

If you´re one of those people that prefer to live an adventure and discover various places around the area; your best option is probably to rent a car. When traveling, it is often more practical and economical to rent a car than take many taxis or use the public transportation, especially if you wish to visit places that are located far away.

Check everything that´s included in your rate!

At TEN CAR RENTAL we work based on a “One Rate Only” philosophy. In other words, there is only one rate that includes our “No Worries” Protection Program (full coverage, 0% deductible), taxes and insurances. We invite you to compare with others, since every company in the business manages its own terminology and conditions, so we advise you to ask if the car rental rate includes an insurance for damages to third parties; in the event of an accident, if will you have to pay something and how much would that be, and if the insurance hired includes rear-view mirrors, windshields and tires.

Book your car in advance!

We invite you to check your travel dates and we´d like to remind you about the importance of booking your car in advance, since generally, the rates suffer an important increase during the vacation time period.

Additional Charges

When renting a car, there could be unexpected charges involved, such as additional or underage drivers, a fee for entering the airport, etc. Don´t forget to ask about these fees.

Prepaying Online

It is convenient for you to prepay online; this also allows you to control your expenses and ensure your car; it is specially recommended during peak season, since the rates can be higher once you arrive to your destination. TEN CAR RENTAL offers this service and you can enjoy a special disscount.

Be careful with the fuel

Most companies don´t include the cost of fuel in their rates. The best option is to return the car that you rented with a full tank (or with the same amount of gasoline as when you first received it); otherwise, the company will charge you the difference at a price that could result higher than at the gas station.

Check your car before you leave the car rental´s parking lot

Make sure that the car that you rented is in a perfect condition; any abnormally should be indicated in the contract or in the monitoring ticket before you exit the parking lot.

Also, make sure that the vehicle has a spare tire.

Check the Rental Policies

-Valid driver´s license.
-Credit card with sufficient funds to cover the rental fee, plus an additional amount for the guarantee deposit.
-Official and current ID.
-A minimum age between 21 and 24 years of age, those under 25 have an additional charge.