General Policies

Your reservation is guaranteed for a maximum period of 1 hour. The maximum tolerance time to return a vehicle without extra charge is 59 minutes past the “Return Time” noted in your Rental Contract.

  • If you return the vehicle one hour past the Return Time, TEN Car Rental will apply the hourly rate shown on your contract.
  • Beyond 4 hours past the Return Time, one full day shall be charged at a special rate for the extra day.
  • Please take into consideration that extra coverage and services are not divisible and will be charged 100% from the first minute late.

Crossing the border to the United States is permitted but requires prior notice to TEN Car Rental, remember you will be completely responsible for damage caused in case of accident and, therefore, it is highly recommended that you acquire extended insurance.

The gasoline level will be clearly marked on your Rental Contract. To avoid extra charges in this regard, we suggest you return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as when you took delivery. If this is not the case, the TEN Car Rental staff will be happy to inform you of the fuel rate per liter.

If the vehicle is returned at a different location than where rented, a “Drop Off” charge will apply.

Upon making a reservation, what you are selecting is an automobile category, not a specific model. The categories group vehicles according to their characteristics, passenger capacity and trunk / luggage space. Each group may contain various automotive makes and models, all with the standards of quality and comfort with which we are committed to our clients. Upon reservation, TEN Car Rental assures you delivery of a vehicle in the category reserved.

TEN Car Rental reserves the right to decline the reservation, and therefore the rental of the vehicle, if for any reason you do not comply with all requirements necessary to carry out the transaction.