Terms & Conditions Ten Car Rental

Terms, Scope and conditions of rates and insurances

Ten Car Rental is obliged to offer insured cars as described in clause fourteenth that obliges the consumer to pay only for the deductible in case of sinister. The Ten “No Worries” Protection Program includes the following insurances:
  • LDW: 0% Deductible in case the car is lost (material damages).

  • CDW: Insurance for collision damages.

  • TP: Insurance against complete theft.

  • PLI: Insurance of civil responsibility.

  • SLI: Insurance of supplementary civil responsibility.

  • PAI: Medical expenses insurance.

  • LA: Legal assistance.

Insurance Policies:

LDW – 0% deductible in case the car is lost: This coverage eliminates every responsibility for damages, or total or partial theft. This coverage will be annulled if terms and conditions agreed when this rental contract is signed are not complied; this protection does not include loss or damage of keys, license plates, fines and/or cranes.

CDW – It is a coverage that reduces payment responsibility in case or total or partial damages caused to the leased motor vehicle, with a deductible of 5% over the value of the car, which will be applied when damages are higher than the deductible stated for collision. In case damages are lower than the deductible, the total value of the damage caused will be charged.

TP – Protection against Theft: This protection partially releases the lessee from responsibility for total or partial loss of the vehicle caused by theft. All our vehicles are insured against total theft paying only a deductible of 10% of the total value of the car.

PLI – The Civil Responsibility coverage for damages to third parties, both personal or material damages, caused by the rented car. It is a mandatory insurance as stated in the Mexican Government traffic regulation, required for drivers in Mexico. The PLI Insurance covers up to $3,000,000.00 pesos, national currency, and it is included in your No Worries Protection Package.

SLI – (Supplementary Civil Responsibility Insurance) This coverage is an extension and complement of the civil responsibility insurance that covers death or body injuries of third parties in any accident caused by, or resulting from using the insured vehicle up to $5,000,000.00 pesos, national currency.

PAI – Coverage of Medical Expenses to Passengers: This insurance offers THE LESSEE tranquility and reliability knowing that he/she has personal protection of medical expenses. The insurance is for the driver and is also extended to the passengers of the motor vehicle, only if the car was being drove by an authorized driver and the number of passengers authorized by the manufacturer has not been exceeded. The maximum amount insured is per event for an amount of $500,000.00 pesos, national currency.

LA – Legal Assistance. All the coverages provided by Credit Cards companies and Civil Responsibility sites, do not include legal assistance for Mexico. This coverage grants a bail in case THE LESSEE is involved in an accident or in any procedure before the Attorney General $8,000,000.00 . Drives with ages between 21 and 24 years old, should pay a charge for additional minor driver.

All the above Coverages are included in the “No Worries” Protection Package and are applicable only if the customer follows the rental contract clauses. This means that any breach to the contract will annul the protection, and the customer will be responsible for all the charges that arise from any sinister. Damages in tires and windows are not included in any of the coverages because they will only be considered as included when the TEN CAR RENTAL office assesses the damages and determines that there is no negligence from the motor vehicle driver. TEN Car Rental is not responsible for crane, arrest, parking lot and transit fines expenses in case of an accident. Such expenses will be directly charged to the credit card that the customer left as guarantee. The customer may directly request the summary of charges to the TEN Car Rental personnel that assisted him during the accident.

Rental Terms and Conditions Requirements

To hire the services claimed, the following requirements should be met:
  • Official ID in force: voters credential (INE) or passport, no photocopies accepted.
  • Driving license: should be valid at the moment of the rental and during the unit lease period.
  • Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard or American Express: All our customers must submit a valid credit card with the name engraved, from the moment the contract is signed and during its duration, and up to the moment the vehicle is returned as stated in the lease contract clause attached herein.
  • Minimum age requirement: The lessee should be at least 25 years old. In case of drivers between 21 and 24 years, an additional charge stated in the front page of the contract will be applicable.

Additional Driver

If the lessee wants an additional person to drive the motor vehicle, an additional cost will be applied, and he/she will be obliged to inform so to the lessor when signing the contract. The additional driver must comply with the following:

  • Valid drivers’ license.
  • Meet age requirements.

The cost per additional driver is $7.90 usd per day plus VAT (Value Added Tax). It is the lessee responsibility the use that the additional driver gives to the motor vehicle.

Rate restriction

The maximum tolerance time to return the leased vehicle without extra charge is of fifty-nine minutes after the hour marked in the lease contract as “return hour”.

  • If the leased car is returned after the “return hour” TEN Car Rental will apply the hour rate stated in the lease contract.
  • Starting from the fourth extra hour, one rental day will be charged using the extra day special rate.
  • Consider that coverages and additional services are not fractionable and are charged one hundred percent from the first extra minute.


Ten Car Rental gives the option to PREPAY (pay in advance) the LESSEE booking(s). This way, THE LESSEE has the right to get a 10% discount from the base rate described in the contract glossary, if the following conditions are complied.

  • The promotion may be valid if the booking is made through our website tencarrental.com 72 hours before the date in which the duration of the rental begins or calling our Call Center 01800-836-2274
  • Coverages are included in the “Freedom” rate described in the lease contract glossary.
  • Based on our general rental policies, booking does not assure any particular brand, model or color.
  • The driver should comply with TEN Car Rental’s general car rental requirements and policies.

Cancellation, return and reinbursement policies

Cancellations should be made 24 hours in advance. Your booking is guaranteed for a maximum period of 1 hour. The maximum tolerance time to return the motor vehicle without extra charge is of 59 minutes after the hour marked in the lease contract as “Return Hour”.

  • If the car is returned 1 hour after the return hour, TEN Car Rental will apply the Hour Rate stated in the rental contract.
  • Starting from the 4th extra hour, one more rental day will be charged at extra day special rate.
  • Consider that coverages and additional services are not fractionable and will be charged 100% from the first extra minute.

Crossing the border to the United Sates is allowed, but TEN Car Rental should be notified in advance. Do not forget that you are totally responsible for damages caused in case of sinister, therefore it is highly recommended to buy the insurance intended for such purpose. The level of gasoline will be directly marked in the lease contract. To avoid extra charges for this concept, we suggest returning the vehicle with the same level of fuel as it was received. Our TEN Car Rental personnel will be glad to offer more information regarding the rate per litter otherwise applicable.

If the motor vehicle is returned in a location different from the one where it was leased, a “Drop-Off” charge (described in the glossary) will be applicable. When you book a car, you are selecting a car category and not a specific model. Categories gather cars based on their features, passenger capacity, space in the trunk and equipment. Each group may contain several car brands and models, all of them with the quality and comfort standards that we are committed with our customers. When the booking is made, TEN Car Rental is obliged to deliver a car of the selected category.

TEN Car Rental reserves the right to decline the booking and therefore the motor vehicle rental, if the necessary requirements are not fulfilled notwithstanding the reason.

Cancellation policies for pre-pay

  • Cancelations made within 72 hours prior to the day of rental will receive a full refund of the reservation amount.
  • Cancelations made within 48 hours prior to the day of rental will have a service charge of 25% out of the prepaid amount.
  • Cancelations made within 24 hours prior to the day of rental will have a service charge of 75% out of the prepaid amount.
  • Cancelations made with less than 24 hours in advance will have a charge equivalent to 100% of the amount that was prepaid.


  • The no show (described in the glossary) will have a charge equivalent to 100% of the pre-paid amount.


  • In case of changes in rental days and/or unit, they will not be applicable once the contract is generated.
  • In case TEN Car Rental fails to comply, a 100% reimbursement will be applicable.


  • Consumer: Individual obtaining in lease the temporary use and enjoyment of the vehicle purpose of this contract, called for purposes of this contract: the lessee.
  • Supplier: Individual or company offering in lease the temporary use and enjoyment of good in Exchange of a certain and determinate remuneration, called for purposes of this contract: the lessor.
  • Motor Vehicle: The good purpose of this contract, which is described in the attachment of this contract.

  • No Show: when the consumer books a car with the supplier, but he/she does not show to pick up the vehicle in the stated location and on the standby periods described in the service terms and conditions.

  • Drop-Off: when the consumer leaves the leased motor vehicle in a different location from the one where the unit was delivered to the consumer.

  • Freedom Rate: the total price that the consumer shall pay to the supplier.

  • Basis Rate: the price that the supplier offers the consumer for time and miles of the leased motor vehicle.

  • TEN No Worries Protection: complete coverage package including: Exemption of deductible for damages responsibility in case of crash, Civil responsibility before third parties, Personal accident and Protection insurance against deductible.

  • Additional Services: Services different from lease and insurance for the services that the consumer is free to request when signing this contract, will be considered as additional, and the consumer is committed to pay for such additional service(s). The following concepts are considered as additional:

  • Level of Gasoline: applicable when the lessee returns the motor vehicle with a gasoline level lower than the one present when he/she originally leased the car.

  • Pre-paid Gasoline: when the consumer chooses to pay in advance for the full gasoline tank of the vehicle.

  • Baby seat: is the daily rental of such device in the leased motor vehicle, upon the consumer request, and assuming it shall be returned in the same conditions it was received.

  • Upgrade: changing the category of the motor vehicle for a higher one upon the consumer request.

  • Additional Driver: the person(s) authorized to drive the leased motor vehicle following “Attachment B” herein.

  • Airport Fee: the fee charged for taking transportation within the airport federal zone.